You may be wondering about all the ways you can incorporate our services into your processes. We understand the world of course design and development and have suggestions for how you can use our services throughout your production process.


Before you begin – 
  • Work with us to build a design and development cycle that includes both your subject matter experts (SME) and quality control reviews.
  • Let us help you build a style and standards guide to incorporate into your development and quality control processes.
During the design/development process – 
  • Open a new job with us at any point during your development cycle. We can review anything from the design document to the completed course and everything in between.
  • Ask us to review only your final draft so that you can sign off with confidence.
  • Let us work along side you so that you can move on to the next module or project while we tidy up behind you.
After the dust has settled – 
  • Make Fresh Eye Reviews a part of your yearly course review process. Are there any unidentified errors in the work your team produced this year?
  • Ask us how to apply industry standards to your courses.
  • Ask us for a year-end report on all of the errors we’ve identified on your jobs so that you can spot trends and improve your processes.

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