What is Fresh Eye Reviews? Here’s the official answer:

Fresh Eye Reviews is a quality control and assurance service for learning and development materials. We review all types of materials, including elearning modules, storyboards, workbooks, and presentations. We check for grammar, spelling, consistency, and functionality problems. We report recommended changes back to you via our online portal. The service is designed to create efficiencies in the instructional design and development process by providing the resources needed to help streamline your review processes.

The unofficial answer is that we are, for many teams, the missing piece. Professional writers know they do not write perfect text and developers know they do not develop flawless programs. Both occupations are supported by entire industries that stand between them and their public.

There are approximately 98,790 editors and 212,510 software quality assurance engineers employed in the U.S.

We write. We develop. But if you don’t have access to dedicated quality control resources, who stands between your work and your public? Busy co-workers? Anyone with a few hours to spare? Just you? How’s that working out?

Your clients are not your proofreaders. Your learners are not your beta testers. Fresh Eye Reviews can be both.

Does this scenario sound familiar? You are working on an online course that consists of multiple modules. The deadlines are staggered so you’re working on designing module three while developing module two and making edits to module one. As the deadline for both quickly approaches, module four – the tricky one – lurks in the background. Did I also mention that you are managing the project? What could possibly go wrong?

Wouldn’t it be great if someone else could be testing and proofreading your work while you move on to the next module or project? Wouldn’t it be refreshing to get clear, specific, and actionable feedback on any errors BEFORE your sponsors, subject matter experts, and clients review it?

Yes, it would.

And Fresh Eye Reviews has your back.


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