Here are a few common questions we get about Fresh Eye Reviews and what we offer.

Isn’t it the designer/developer’s job to make sure the course has no errors?

Yes. It is the responsibility of the designer/developer to ensure that the course has no errors (SMEs are responsible for content accuracy, of course). Hiring another team help to with a process does not change who is ultimately responsible for its successful completion. Organizations are responsible for the training programs they produce, but they frequently hire outside resources. With Fresh Eye Reviews, you’re only outsourcing one element of your processes. If you do not have dedicated quality control resources, this is a great way to temporarily expand your team.

Can’t we just hire a contractor to do this?

Yes, you can. You can find contractors who will go through your products and report the problems that they come across. You can think of Fresh Eye Reviews as another way to quickly find those resources. There are a few key differences.

First, we have a process that goes beyond simply going over materials again and again. We do not just take your course as a learner normally would and report the errors we find along the way. We actively look for errors in the places they normally lurk. We have consistent processes for identifying, describing, and reporting problems and, because this is the focus of our business, we are constantly improving our strategies. Also, we review the course that’s there, not the course that’s not. In other words, we aren’t going to suggest structural or extensive language changes for what may be approved content. We work with you to get this course out the door.

Second, because there are multiple ways to engage our services, you can choose not to go through the consultant selection/contracting process. All of our reviewers have been trained, have signed an NDA, and are under contract with us. You can simply create an account, place your order, agree to our terms and conditions, and you’re good to go. Naturally, you have the option to engage our quality control or assurance consultants and go through the traditional engagement process, which may be the most practical option for larger or more sensitive jobs. The choice is yours.

Aren’t you further complicating an already complicated process?

We are designers and developers and know this world well. I personally have designed and developed for nearly 20 years. Regardless of when you are reading this, I am probably working on several courses that are in different stages of design or development. We are not advocating that you use our services for every project. It’s all about you determining where your focus needs to be at a given time. If I have a small project that overlaps with a large, multi-module project, eventually my focus needs to shift, something that’s difficult to accomplish if I’m still chasing broken links in the shorter course. We know that the last thing you need is another cook in the kitchen, but our reviewers aren’t there to cook. They focus on presentation, making sure the food looks good on the plate while you prepare the ingredients for the next meal.

Are you actually making the changes in my source files and documents?

No. We are reporting what we find back to you. This element of the service may evolve over time, but I can say with confidence that most course creators would not want us to simply hand back an altered Storyline file without meticulous notes on what was changed. This would take a lot longer and would be a more expensive service. Also, we will not have the context to make definitive calls. Only you can decide what should be changed.

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