When developing a service, it’s essential to know what problem it will solve. Many think our service is designed to identify ineffective training. Effectiveness is not how we define quality for the purpose of this service. It is ill-advised (if not impossible) to view material out of context and attempt to determine its effectiveness. We know that while a course may live up to its objectives on paper,  whether it’s actually effective is completely influenced by the learners, the work enviornment, organizational support — the list goes on. Our reviewers have no insight into that. That is not the problem we are trying solve.

What we are going to do is help ensure that you can focus on accurate content and learning effectiveness instead of inconsistent punctuation and suddenly broken links. We want you to be able to move on to other tasks while we take a fresh look at a course that you’ve been staring at for way too long.

When we review your materials, we have three goals:

  1. Reduce the number of spelling errors, grammar errors, mistakes, and malfunctions.
  2. Encourage a positive learner experience.
  3. Reduce the number of team, SME, and customer review cycles.

Here’s what we evaluate and do not evalute in service of our primary goals:

Do Evaluate Do Not Evaluate
Grammar and usage Content accuracy
Writing style and voice Course effectiveness
Consistency with known standards Overall course quality
Course-wide consistency Designer/developer skills
User experience Aesthetic attractiveness
Course functionality

If you have questions about our services, let us know!

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